I want to post a lot of pictures but don’t have a whole lot to say…so, I’ll say a few things and post a lot of pictures :) K :) K

Izzie is becoming more and more creative and it is so fun! She is really getting into make believe.  For instance, last week we were in the car and she had chicken nuggets and a flashlights.  She took her chicken nuggets out of their container and put the flashlight in the container.  She then had a chicken nugget in the right hand and the flashlight and container in the left.  The “nugget” proceeded to yell at the flashlight saying, “get out of my home flashlight!” It was too funny.

She also loves to get me to hold her up so she can look out the window.  The other day she asked me to hold her up and I told her I was busy…a few minutes later I see this

2009-12-03 009She went across the house and found her potty to use as a step stool. She also has figured out that she can pull a kitchen chair to the countertop and eat from the sugar jar.  Yeah, we are working on that one.

Khai, Khai has started training in self-defense…he likes to practice on his daddy.

2009-12-04 Olivia's Birthday Party 020 2009-12-04 Olivia's Birthday Party 0182009-12-04 Olivia's Birthday Party 0152009-12-04 Olivia's Birthday Party 017

On Friday night we went to Izzie and Khai’s cousin’s birthday party.  Everyone had so much fun!

2009-12-04 Olivia's Birthday Party 021 2009-12-04 Olivia's Birthday Party 0092009-12-04 Olivia's Birthday Party 004Izzie looks like such a big girl! 2009-12-04 Olivia's Birthday Party 006

On another note, when you have tons of kids around all the time, the play room gets a little outrageous.  I’ve been meaning to take pictures of the house to share, but never get around to getting it completely clean for pictures :) So, I thought I would give you a little snap shot of what our play room looks like 90% of the time…

2009-12-03 011Fun stuff!    

Lastly, these pictures are from the end of october, but I forgot to post them.  Once I realized it, I couldn’t resist…

2009-10-24 Perdido Park w Grandma and Grandaddy 0582009-10-24 Perdido Park w Grandma and Grandaddy 0592009-10-24 Perdido Park w Grandma and Grandaddy 0572009-10-24 Perdido Park w Grandma and Grandaddy 0272009-10-24 Perdido Park w Grandma and Grandaddy 0192009-10-24 Perdido Park w Grandma and Grandaddy 050

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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3 Responses to Randomness…

  1. David says:

    Love the pics of Grandpa & Kai… such excitement!

  2. Emilee says:

    I’m enjoying reading all your posts Leanne. Love the playroom, I know the feeling. Would love to know where those bins are from, I’ve been searching for some good bins.

    • 1beautifulmess says:

      I got the baskets at Target back in September. They had all their dorm stuff half off, so I got them half off! I did recently see they had them again — but they are full price. We love them, they are very durable!

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