I’m smart

Really, I am. My 2 year old daughter told me so. 

Tonight as Izzie was going to bed, she informed me that she couldn’t sleep.  She said, “momma, I need you to go downstairs and get my little TV and Aladdin. Check in the living room.”  I could not help but smile as she told me these things so matter-of-factly as she continually shook her head up and down (making sure the answer would be yes). Upon noticing my smile, she smiled back, gently placed her hand on my cheek, cocked her head to the side and said, “you’re so smart mom.”  This girl is hysterical! And the goofy thing is, I feel really, really smart right now.

Oh, and in case you are wondering…I hurried to record this event so I can refer back to it when she is 13 and thinks I am a complete idiot.

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One Response to I’m smart

  1. metaphase says:

    Izzie sounds like the smart one. She knows how to get what she wants! :)
    Aladdin is a hit at our house right now, too. We got it at the library last week. The kids have been loving it. I like the music.

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