my man

I have the sweetest, most talented, most loving husband in the entire world. Seriously. I love this man so much.  Not because of the wonderful things he does for me, but because of the wonderful man he is.  He is such a man of character and just being with him makes me want to be a better person.  He is such a great daddy and I love that he loves his family so much.  I also adore the fact that he is the happiest when he is serving the Lord. He is amazing with these boys. 

Okay…so, he made me the most incredible Valentines gift.  He had been working on it for quite some time and finished it up just in time for it to be the perfect valentine.

Don’t be too jealous…:)

Here is the very best sewing cabinet in the whole entire world…

2010-02-18 001

It is not only beautiful, but also so functional and absolutely perfect!2010-02-18 007 Seriously, so awesome.2010-02-18 009

To the man of my dreams, my Hercules…thank you sooooo much. I love it!

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3 Responses to my man

  1. Beth says:

    wow wow wow! i am so impressed. what a perfect gift.

  2. metaphase says:

    Sweet post. What a great table. A guy that build stuff and has brains too? Definitely a keeper..

  3. Bethany says:

    I think you owe a thank you to his big sister who made him the man that he is.

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