Around these parts, there’s a lot of babies being had :) (Alabama talk…)

2010-02-19 001 They are some mighty fine babies… 2010-02-19 004  And they are so super cute! 2010-02-19 007 My babies sure do like them!

2010-02-19 009But they have a protective momma…good thing she weighs 200 lbs and can’t run fast! She just sits her fat butt there and grunts at ya!2010-02-19 014

On an even cuter note, my brother and his wife had an ultra cute baby today! yay!! Welcome Kirklin Gabriel! Can’t wait to meet ya!

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3 Responses to Babies!

  1. Jackie says:

    And if you want to get an idea what a squatty potty in Indonesia smells like, take a trip up to the pig farm on the ranch…… they may be cute but they don’t smell cute. Izzie has been having a sleep over for days now :) She didn’t get a nap at Carols today so when she got home after we at at Petrella’s she fell asleep while watching Backyardigans and fell out of the recliner onto the floor. Poor baby. Daddy had to rub her arm….. not because it was hurt :)

  2. metaphase says:

    Oh my word those piglets put me over the edge. You have no idea how much I love baby pigs. I know that sounds crazy, but I almost took one home when I worked at the humane society. Thanks for sharing those pictures. And, congrats on the new baby to your family.

  3. Kristen says:!! Those piglets are sooooo cute. I love them. It reminds me of when I delivered the piglets at UF in the swine unit. We were up all night with the sows. They’ll get big fast though!! Hope you guys are well. I, too, cannot wait to meet Kirklin!

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