10 years??

Has it really been 10 years? My high school reunion was last weekend. Now, I wasn’t really planning on making a whole post dedicated to my 10 yr reunion…but, seeing as this will be my 7th post in 7 days (wow!), I could not pass up the opportunity to mark off a goal on my 101 list. Impressive, huh?? I thought about writing a serious post on how much I enjoyed the sermon this morning and how it really convicted me…but, I am sleepy, so I will have to come back to the serious stuff. On with the pictures!

Posing for a facebook photo op: 2010-07-17 Class Reunion 001In high school, Amy and I planned on going to our 10 year reunion as “Romey and Michelle.” Who would’ve thought that we would marry such snazzy guys?!?  2010-07-17 Class Reunion 0052010-07-17 Class Reunion 0062010-07-17 Class Reunion 012All of my best friends from high school were there. This is Dana and her husband Jonathan.  2010-07-17 Class Reunion 0132010-07-17 Class Reunion 014So fun seeing all the people you loved in high school.  Here are a few.

This is Valerie…she was amazing in high school and is still wonderful today. 2010-07-17 Class Reunion 017 Nikki :) My rodeo and FFA buddy! 2010-07-17 Class Reunion 020 Sweet Angie2010-07-17 Class Reunion 022 

Jenny and James2010-07-17 Class Reunion 024  Me and Emily :)2010-07-17 Class Reunion 029

I thought about writing a few high school memories…but, maybe I shouldn’t go there :) It was a wonderful weekend full of a lot of wonderful memories.

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One Response to 10 years??

  1. Emilee Newton says:

    Aww Great pics!! :) it was so great to visit with you!

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