Kicking butt!

Am I allowed to use the word butt in my blog titles?? It’s my blog, right?  I just have to say…I am kicking butt on this dayzero project! I am thrilled at how many things I have marked off or started on.  Let’s see…

I blogged everyday for a week…check!

I had 1 of the 8 ranch families over for dinner… 1/8 of a check!

I have made 2 of Izzie’s back-to-school outfits and have started on the other three…I think that deserves a 1/2 check!

I complimented a coworker…check! I actually do this all the time, since encouragement is my spiritual gift. So, in order to get a check, I complimented a coworker that I am not especially close with.

AND, last but certainly not least…I inspired someone to make a 101 list!! Yay Brandi!  Her list has actually inspired me to change mine a bit…I love how original she made hers! 

One thing I will definitely be adding is…”fly through the air during Ranch beach week”…details to follow :)

Now, go make you a list!! This is so fun!

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One Response to Kicking butt!

  1. Bethany says:

    You encouraged a heart-broken sister who’s confused about hope and life. Check.

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