Boys to Men

I have so many pics and fun things to share — I feel overwhelmed.  This blog serves many purposes, one being a family journal…so, with that said, there are many random stories and pictures I want to share, so I won’t forget them. The next few post may be really random :)

Khai is becoming so independent.  A few weeks ago, Khai saw our grapes on the countertop and decided he would help me by sorting them.  I have no clue where I was for the entire time he was doing this (great mom, huh?), but I came into the kitchen to find all of my grapes plucked off of their bundle.  Khai was so proud! I asked him to show me how he did this and he walked me through the steps…

First, he grabbed the box off the counter.  He is so happy that he is finally tall enough to reach the counter!2010-07-28 005He then poured the grapes into the bowl…2010-07-28 003   Finally, he very carefully pulled off all the stems.2010-07-28 010 Can you tell he was thrilled with his accomplishment?? He felt like a big boy all day long. 2010-07-28 015  Chase painted his face green in honor of the “green team” at student life…IMG_2994 He also feels like a big boy…IMG_2995  Especially when he wears his big boy t-shirt…2010-08-14 001 He was very proud of the fact that it lit up when he beat on his chest. Nice.2010-08-14 002 J, on the other hand, is becoming a man. Check these pictures out…IMG_2998Learning to shave. IMG_2999IMG_3001He caught on very quick and is excited about the next step of “man-hood,” taking the driving test.    That’s right folks…within a couple of weeks, we will have 3 drivers!! Wow. Good thing we have a while before Hunter, Iz and Khai get behind the wheel!

More to come! :)

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2 Responses to Boys to Men

  1. Amber says:

    I miss you guys!! Who would have thought Zach would be teaching a son to shave and Khai would reach the counter before the summer was out!!

  2. metaphase says:

    Oh my word. I must be going crazy, but those pictures of Zach and J brought tears to my eyes. You guys are so special. Special to those boys, your kids, to us, but mostly I know how special you are to our Father.

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