Over the next couple of post, I want to jot down some highs…

Last Sunday evening we had an amazing high. Our youth pastor came by to speak to one of our boys. While here, 2 things happened…Hunter accepted Jesus as his Lord (yay!!!!) and Raymond decided he needed to be baptized so he could make a public profession of the decision he made in February.  It was amazing to be a part of these big decisions in our boys lives. 

Raymond was baptized this past Wednesday…2010-08-25 0042010-08-25 0062010-08-25 0092010-08-25 016A side note…Our youth pastor is a.m.a.z.i.n.g! We love him so much and so do our boys.  He pours his life into the student ministry.  His love for Christ is so evident through his love for kids and people in need.  The youth department is probably the most mission-minded youth department I have ever seen.  He helps the students and parents find ways to serve our community and people in need world-wide.  He makes a point to encourage parents…including ourselves.  I just can’t say enough.  Joey is a man of God, and we are so thankful to have him as our pastor and friend.

A couple of pictures from youth worship.2010-08-25 0112010-08-25 0122010-08-25 0132010-08-25 0182010-08-25 020

Awesome, huh? We are not sure when Hunter will be baptized.  We want to make sure there is full understanding of what his decision means and what it means to be baptized. We’ll keep you posted :)

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One Response to High

  1. metaphase says:

    Awesome news. I love the youth worship. Ours at our church is very similar and it humbles me as an “old” Christian when I watch them. I pray they never lose that zeal for God.

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