Watch out Roy Jones…

Poor Grandparents…with kids as cute as ours, they don’t have a prayer.  Both sets of Grandparents are doomed.  Last time my parents were up, we went to Academy to get one thing…and our boys walked away with everything you need to box. 3 helmets, mouth guards, 3 sets of gloves, etc.  Needless to say…there has been a lot of boxing action going on around this house. 

2010-09-06 0022010-09-06 0042010-09-06 0062010-09-06 0452010-09-06 0472010-09-06 0522010-09-06 055

Check this one out! 2010-09-06 059Even my parents brawled it out for a minute :) 2010-09-06 0292010-09-06 030    Never a dull moment!

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2 Responses to Watch out Roy Jones…

  1. Jackie says:

    I am so blessed to have 9 grandbabies. Poor Izzie…. she won’t have a chance when she starts wants to start dating with all those brothers!

  2. Brandie says:

    LOVE it! I wanna play too!

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