Tiny Dancer

One of the awesome things about serving in ministry is seeing the variety of ways that the Lord “shows” up and shows you He cares about not only the big things in life (like taking care of orphans and widows), but also the little things in life that you would think such a big God would have time to care about.

I could give you many examples of ways He has showed me this in the last year, but I’ll just share this one for now.

Izzie has really been wanting to take ballet.  She has a couple of ballet books from her Aunt Amy-K that has taught her all things “girl.” All summer she talked about going to ballet class.  As I searched around town, the least expensive place I found was way more than we felt we should be paying for a 3 year old.  I struggled so much with this.  I wanted to sign her up because I knew she really wanted to take ballet…but, I felt uneasy about the total amount we added up (after monthly payments, costume and recital fees).  I thought maybe when she was older and would really be able to learn everything, we would do it .  Then one day she said again, “I really want to take ballet momma.” How could I say no?? So, I called the studio I liked and was about to sign her up when I got a text from my friend Brandi.  The text said, “Ballet starting tonight at church.” 

An adorably sweet 17 year old girl teaches a free ballet class at our church for 3 to 6 year olds.  It is her “ministry” she says!  The teacher has been taking ballet for 10 years and loves to teach little ones about her passion for dancing for the Lord…and she does it for free (although she will be getting some great gifts from this student!). How sweet is she??? Izzie LOVES it! And this will be perfect for her to do until she’s 6 and will start at a studio.  Again, I felt like it was a gift to me from a Father who cares.

Here are a few pictures of our tiny dancer…

She was a little nervous at first2010-09-15 011But all the little girls made her feel so welcome2010-09-15 0022010-09-15 0082010-09-15 005

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5 Responses to Tiny Dancer

  1. Miranda says:

    You are such a blessed woman! You have a beautiful family. I just love reading your blog. I think I might need the password so I can read the rest. :o) Do you mind emailing it to me at kmjlamp@cox.net? Thank you!

  2. Brandie says:

    Jeez. Iz looks JUST like Zach in that last picture! (which is nothing new I suppose :)

  3. Beth says:

    That is great! It is so wonderful to serve a God who cares about every detail in our lives.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Kim says:

    Ballet is perfect for Izzie! I really can’t wait to see all her brothers at the first recital:)

  5. metaphase says:

    I love this story. To God be the glory. It shows what a caring Father He really is.

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