My Ballerina

Izzie had her ballet “recital” on Wednesday. Because of some different things that have come up in the last month and because of traveling for Thanksgiving, she missed a few practices.  Needless to say, she chickened out of the performance.  Oh well! Another little one chickened out too. At least I got some cute pics! :)IMG_3846IMG_3852IMG_3857

They finished the night off with a tea-party.  Izzie cracks me up with her posing! I think she will model one day! :)

The “over-the-shoulder” lookIMG_3864

The “taste this delicious treat” look


And the “I love you” lookIMG_3871

I adore this child.

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3 Responses to My Ballerina

  1. jacki says:

    she is such a little princess!!!!!

  2. She is absolutely precious, Leanne!!

  3. David Stevens says:

    such a beautiful smile… quite the enchantress

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