My weekend

I had such an incredible weekend.  I was in desperate need of 2 things: 1)off time 2) girl time.  I got both! AND sat under the teaching of 4 amazing Christian leaders. Wow!

Friday afternoon, I traveled with 4 house-moms to the Deeper Still conference in Birmingham.  Kay Arthur spoke Friday night.  I clung to every word. She started in the first chapter of Matthew and taught all the way through chapter 28.  An hour and a half of teaching felt like 5 minutes to me.  I was sad when she concluded.

Saturday morning, Pricilla Shirer spoke.  I had never heard her speak or read any of her books, but I quickly learned she was an incredible teacher of the Word as she taught us from 2 Kings.

Beth Moore spoke during the third session and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  She opened my eyes to a lot of treasures in my life, I didn’t know were there.

The ladies ended the day with a panel discussion.  It felt like we were all sitting in my living room having girl time.  We laughed to the point of tears.

Three of the house-moms headed home after dinner Saturday night, but my girlfriend Kim and I stayed an extra night at the girls ranch and then visited the Church at Brookhills Sunday morning.  David Platt is the pastor there and we are huge fans of his teaching.  I didn’t want the sermon to end.  He spoke about the beauty of the cross.  As he read and we studied 1 Corinthians I wanted to weep over the love our Father has for us.

Kim and I stuck around and met Platt.  He was such a nice guy and encouraged us to come back and bring our boys.  It is now our plan to go every couple of months.

I am so refreshed and thankful for such a wonderful weekend. I wish I had more time to write specifically about the things I learned, but I am a substitute teacher at school today, so I need to go get ready :)

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2 Responses to My weekend

  1. Valarie says:

    I was there as well and it was amazing!!!! I wish I would have known you all were there and I would have found you – So glad you got to go!!

  2. metaphase says:

    I wanted to go to that! Some ladies from our church went, too. Good luck teaching today. :)

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