Before and After

Today has been a crazy day and I am afraid the next 20 days will only get worse. I am not sure what to think about the quality of the next 20 post, but I know Mrs. Carol is super excited about her present, so you will have to endure!

Last week our downstairs closet looked like this…IMG_3891I really should have thought twice before posting these pictures. They are quite embarrassing. IMG_3892Really, really embarrassing. IMG_3893But then, I went out of town and came home to this: IMG_3896Not only did my wonderful husband play Mr. Mom all weekend, he also finished up this piece of furniture and cleaned out our closet. How wonderful is he?!?!IMG_3897If you look closely, you will notice he used golf balls as the drawer knobs. Cute, huh?

Look at this awesome medicine drawer.IMG_3899And all of our paperwork has to stay locked in this closet – so, you will notice he made one of the drawers into a filing drawer. Beth, make sure you do not look too closely at this drawer…you may see the project I never started. I promise to do it one day! I am just impressed I still know where it is :) IMG_3900He made 2 really deep drawers for my fabric. Great, huh?IMG_3901Can you tell I love my new cabinet/closet.  Now, if I could just organize the rest of my life :)

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2 Responses to Before and After

  1. Bethany says:

    Your husband is a stud and a half … Wonder if he had a wise and awesome big sister to train him? Prolly.

  2. Beth says:

    Okay, the forgotten project along with the dead plant, need to reassess this friendship. ;0) You are still the best! Just can’t figure out what you do with all of your time. Speaking of which, when do I get some LeAnne time?

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