I have debated on whether to post this, because it is risky – but, I am so proud of my baby boy.  2010-09-22 001It took close to a year to fully potty train Izzie (I’m talking about no accidents day or night).  So, needless to say, I was NOT looking forward to potty training Khai. Actually, I was DREADING it.   I have heard that boys are a lot harder to potty train, but Khai has officially crushed that theory.  In 1 week, he is basically completely potty trained.  He is still in diapers at night, but more so because I am lazy and dread changing sheets in the middle of the night.

Not sure if I want to say how we potty trained…:) but I will say, it worked! E-mail me for needed advice.

One of the huge benefits of potty training is seeing Khai in underwear.  He is sooo cute with his 12 month size bottom in big-boy undies.  His tiny hinny is always hanging out. He looks like a future plumber for sure.  I took a picture to post, but changed my mind.  That cute little hinny is for our eyes only!

He believes the number one benefit to using the potty is the reward…gum! Khai is OBSESSED with gum! And he surprisingly will chew it for hours.

So proud! IMG_3909And don’t worry, it’s sugar free.

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5 Responses to Really?

  1. Miranda says:

    That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Yay Khai!!!!!!!

  2. Brandie says:

    Jeez…I just love that kid!

  3. metaphase says:

    Hey, way to go Khai!

  4. Nicole Wiggins says:

    That is awesome. I would LOVE to know how you did this. We haven’t started training with Jude yet, but I am already dreading it! This gives me hope. Way to go Khai!!

  5. Bethany says:

    He definitely is NOT his father’s son … Zach hates gum!

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