An Elf on the Shelf

Have y’all heard of this?? It is so cute!

I bought the “Elf on the Shelf” at Books-a-million. The kit comes with a book and an elf.  Supposedly there are two types of elves…one who just reports to Santa at the end of the day about their children’s behavior, and then there is another type of elf who gets into trouble at night and leaves messes.  We have the good elf who just does the reporting!

Our elf, who the kids named “Mr. Elf,” hangs around the house all day and watches how the kiddos act.  Once the children go to sleep at night, he “flies” to the North Pole to report to Santa.  The kids can talk to Mr. Elf, but he does not talk back – he’s just a really good listener.  They are not allowed to touch Mr. Elf, or he will loose his ability to fly and therefore will not be able to report to Santa.  The book explains all the rules.

I know it is a little silly, and I try not to “buy” into a lot of the commercial Christmas stuff, but this little guy is so cute!

Oh, and he also hides each morning.  When he flies home in the morning before the kids awaken, he hides in a new location.  The kids have a blast looking for him in the morning.

This was the first night they had Mr. Elf – they were telling him what they wanted to Christmas.  Izzie is really into it…Khai doesn’t quite get it yet. IMG_3872IMG_3875

Chase and Raymond love to get involved in the hiding process.  They come up with some pretty unique locations…IMG_3905IMG_3906Can you find Mr. Elf in this picture?  It’s like “where’s Waldo?”IMG_3983

We forgot to bring Mr. Elf on our trip, so I have been making daily phone calls home to give him a report.  Sometimes I call multiple times a day :) I have Mr. Elf on speed dial!

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