Update 101

I totally forgot about my DayZero project.  I posted about it last July.  I set 101 goals to reach in 1001 days.  Since I forgot about it (my wonderful cousin reminded me about it tonight), I thought I wouldn’t be doing so well…but, I actually have a few more goals checked off! You will see the updates are in bold. For some reason, the DayZero website is not working, so I am glad I made a copy of my goals.

1. Find a community service project to be active in

2. Go on a camping tripIMG_1061

3. Read at least one book a month and keep a list of them

Radical, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Her Mother’s Hope, Her Daughter’s Dream, Through the gates of Splendor, Born to Run, The Help, Water for Elephants, Crazy Love, Mommy Grace, Beyond Belief, Redeeming Love (for like the 5th time)

4. Read an autobiography

5. Play in the snowIMG_4293

6. Cook dinner for the local Ronald McDonald House

7. Take at least 1 photo everyday for a month (0/30)

8. Go fruit picking

9. Get lost in a corn field

10. Volunteer at a soup kitchen

11. Make a pillow case for all of our boys

12. Create a scavenger hunt

13. Run a 10k race

14. Take my parents out to dinner

– two weeks ago we took my parents out for Sushi

15. Teach Khai to pray – and I must say his prayers are so simple and cute and pure. I <3 that kid!

16. Play hide and seek – I went to the park today (march 1) with Izzie and Khai.  Izzie and I started playing hide and seek and all the other kids at the park joined in.  Super fun afternoon!

17. Bake an apple pie

18. Write a list of 50 things that make me happy

19. Keep a journal for a year – Char convinced me that blogging for years counts…

20. Make a list of 100 things that make me smile or laugh (see June 2011)

21. Create a photographic journal for one week

22. Host a game night with friends (board or video)

23. Watch a sunset – Done from Doug and Kaye Dickersons dock…beautiful!

24. Go tubing

25. Try at least one new recipe a month (16/30)

26. Ride on the back of a motorcycle

27. Read 5 non-fiction books

Radical, Through the Gate of Splender, Crazy Love, Too small to Ignore, Beyond Belief

28. Host a dinner party

– My friends, the Bolins, came for dinner

29. Perform a Chinese fire drill

30. Play 18 holes of golf

31. Take a photography class

32. Don’t complain about anything for a week

33. Make a new friend

34. No fast food for a month

35. Attend the midnight premiere of a movie

36. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home décorIMG_3999

37. Improve my posture

38. Put change in someone’s expired parking meter  – while on a fieldtrip to the state capital.

39. Join a book club

40. Send flowers anonymously to a friend in need

41. Write a letter to someone I admire

42. Write a love letter to my husband

43. Read the entire Bible

44. Donate blood five times (1/5)

45. Go on a mission trip.

46. Create a compost pile

47. Make 2010 Family Album

48. Make 2011 Family Album

49. Make 2012 Family Album

50. Make photo album for a friend

51. Send letters of encouragement to 10 random people out of the phone book (0/10)

52. Break a horse

53. Blog everyday for a week

54. Grow hair out 5 more inches and donate it

55. Write 10 snail mail letters (0/10)

56. Stick to a budget 3 months in a row (3/3)

57. Host dinner for each family at the boy’s ranch (3/8)

58. Take my mom on a trip…just me and her (and Iz)


59. Read a book with the little kids everyday for a month

60. Carve a family of pumpkins

61. Drive to North Carolina to cut a Christmas tree

62. Adopt a family for Christmas

– There was a local family who lost their house to a fire.  We went together with other ranch families to raise money to send to this sweet family. 

63. Send a care package to an orphanage

64. Set weekly goals on Sunday nights

65. Have individual meetings with our kids once a week

66. Give 10 homemade gifts (10/10)

– our Christmas gifts to friends, family and co-workers were mostly “homemade”

67. Fill out Khai’s adoption book

68. Bike 21 miles in my spinning class

69. Be able to touch my toes

70. Leave a 100% tip

71. Start a 4H group

72. Teach a kid how to show an animal

73. Make Christmas cards and send them to friends and family

74. Get a stamp in my passport

75. Sell our car – Thank you Brandie!! :)

76. Paint the hallway

77. Drink only water for 30 days – I did 40!

78. Sew a matching outfit for Izzie and her babydoll

79. Make Monday, Wednesday and Friday no spend days for 2 months

80. Successfully potty train Khai – Praise the Lord!!!

81. Eat 5 things I’ve never tried before (5/5) – and now I am hooked on jalapeno peppers and actually kind of like mushrooms!

82. Buy a homeless person a coffee

83. Talk to a random lonely person

84. Make and decorate a proper birthday cake – I actually made fancy cupcakes

85. Become a morning person

86. Have a family game night – Sebastian joined us

87. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

88. Complete a Bible study with a group of girls

89. Teach Izzie to read

90. Attend 10 sporting practices, just to watch (5/10)

91. Bake cupcakes for my kids to take to school

92. Make homemade Christmas presents for all our teachersIMG_3918IMG_3922

93. Write anonymous notes of encouragement to 10 teachers or school staff (0/10)

94. Make homemade pizza as a familyIMG_3688

95. Make Izzie’s back to school clothes (5/5)

96. Run a 5k as a family

97. Learn 50 Bible verses as a family (0/50)

98. Give a compliment about my waiter / waitress to his / her manager

– And the manager gave us free desert because we did this!

99. Compliment a co-work

100. Inspire someone to make a 101/1001 list

101. Create another 101 in 1001 list

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2 Responses to Update 101

  1. Mandy says:

    We can help you with number 26. Kevin rides a motorcycle and my gear (well, the top half of it) will fit you. Either the next time you are in town or occasionally rides will take Kevin to north AL we can get together (as schedules permit). You also did number 83 when you talked to a random lady in the waiting room of (I think) a Dr. office.

    • 1beautifulmess says:

      I didn’t think about that waiting room conversation! Thanks :)

      Thank you for being so sweet all the time :)! You’re such a supporter :) Praying you have an amazing 2011!

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