I am really bad at this!

I really, really want everyone to win!

It didn’t work out how I had planned :( Chase had a BB game tonight and Raymond had to work…so, the kiddos could not be involved in the drawing.  Once everyone was under the same roof, 3 of the 6 of us were already in bed (I’ll have to post some BB pictures in the next few days). 

So, guess who did the drawing?? IMG_4726Mr. Wilderness (with the beard and really nice outfit!).

Instead of pulling from a bowl, he wanted to use a random number generator (whatever that is) to select his winner…however, I had made these cute little cards and they were not going to be wasted!  Ironically, he chose the name of the person most likely to have agreed with his idea of the generator – David S – whose wife recently commented to us that her husband has more computers than mine does! Zach was very proud of his drawing skills! IMG_4728

Okay, so I was super jealous and decided I needed to be able to draw too! So….we have another winner!

But, first let me say, these pictures were taken at…IMG_4734

So they are not too spectacular :)

With that said…IMG_4733I drew Char! Yay Char!

I still am sad that the kids were not able to draw names.  We may just have some more winners tomorrow…stay tuned! :)

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6 Responses to I am really bad at this!

  1. metaphase says:

    Wooo-Hooo! I feel so special. Now I just have to figure out what letter I want…kidding. I’m kidding.

  2. Kim Perkins says:

    Pooey! I wrote a message last week and then the computer booted me off before I could send it. I saved it on drafts but haven’t had a chance to retrieve and send………..but I’m going right now IN CASE you decide to do another drawing:)

  3. Jackie says:

    Does this mean David/I won???? Really!!! I will have to kiss that computer loving husband of mine for posting. I wanted to post but wanted to give others a chance to win, so now I’m really happy I didn’t because I won because someone loves me enough to post for me. Yoo hoo! And David will so appreciate that Zach used the random number generating method to pick his name! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! And our letter is S. :-)

  4. David says:

    WooHoo! (exclaimed in my best Homer Simpson voice) 8). Thank you so much! I was up early this morning and saw the email notice on my ‘berry.

  5. David says:

    Forgot to say that I like the beard…. Go Mountain Man! I shaved mine down to a goatee for my beloved (she’s not a fan of my full beard).

  6. Bethany says:

    Oh shoot. Now I see that I was NOT, in fact, the real true winner.

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