Etsy Business…

A couple of events in the past month have led me to an idea…

event 1: Monogramming the towels for y’all was a lot of fun and very simple.  I figured it would be time consuming, but the beauty of a monogram machine is that once it is set-up, you can walk away while it does its magic – and, towels are super easy to set up.

event 2: Occasionally, Zach and I will send what we can to a sweet little orphanage in China.  Since we are regular contributors, they send us little presents ever now and then.  We got a calendar earlier this year and I was drawn to a sweet little boy named Caleb.  Most of you know, while in the adoption process, we were trying to adopt a son who passed away while in process.  His name was Caleb.  I went to New Day’s website to read their Caleb’s story and realized that when Caleb came to New Day he suffered from some very serious heart conditions, bronchitis and had been battling pneumonia for several months (which is the sickness that took our Caleb).  New Day’s Caleb was sent to the hospital and received the care he needed.   Zach and I both fell in love with this Caleb instantly and are now partnering with New Day to help care for him.

The towels and this story led me to think of a little business endeavor.  This is just surface level and may not amount to much more than it is now…but, I thought any little bit I can raise, I can send away to help aid orphan care.  So…here is my etsy store: 

I am going to start with just the kitchen towels and maybe add more in the future.  I would love for you to think of this store for any of your gift needs.  The great thing about kitchen towels is they awesome for any occasion.  In our home we have given them as teacher’s gifts, hostess gifts, birthday presents, wedding gifts, Christmas presents, thank you gifts and more! 

With each purchase, $10 will go to orphan care – the other $5 goes to materials and the wear-and-tear on my machine. 

I hope to get some Easter towels up soon…so, stay tuned! And let me know what you think. I would LOVE some ideas, etc. 

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One Response to Etsy Business…

  1. Valarie Moses says:

    i <3 your <3 for orphans!!

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