Nashville–Part 1

In September we traveled to Nashville to celebrate the marriage of Uncle Jeremy to Aunt Nikki. So excited to have Nikki in the family! Wish I would’ve taken more pictures…but, I guess having 2 little ones in a wedding limits your picture taking abilities. Still got several cute ones.IMG_1139IMG_1149IMG_1152IMG_1165IMG_1175I was afraid this would be some insight into how Khai would do during the wedding…however, he did awesome!IMG_1170Simply crazy about these two.IMG_1183IMG_1181IMG_1187

Part 2 tomorrow :)

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One Response to Nashville–Part 1

  1. Grandma J says:

    I was so excited to see another blog and especially since it had some pictures from the wedding rehearsal with the bride and groom who have now been married over 4 months! However, the last picture of Khai and Izzie on the stairway makes them look much older-especially Khai!!! They certainly have grown up a lot this past year. I love being their grandma J!

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