Iz and I went to visit our really, really great Aunt Bethany on her birthday. I need to start preparing myself for Iz living in NYC one day – the girl loves the city and loves her Aunt B…it almost feels inevitable.

The plane ride up: IMG_1555

Extremely excited to see aunt B:IMG_1558

I love how they are both lost in thought in this pic:IMG_1560IMG_1566IMG_1564

Izzie thinks policemen on horses are the coolest:IMG_1568

Adorable cupcake shop:IMG_1570

Super fun playground in Central Park:IMG_1573

Waiting to see the Lion King (auh-mazing!!):IMG_1577

Hanging out with a fun friend at Alice’s Tea Cup:IMG_1581

Silliness: IMG_1584

I would list off all of the incredible things we did while in New York, but I really don’t want to gloat :) Thank you Aunt Bethany for such an amazing weekend! We love, love, love spending time with you!

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One Response to NYC

  1. Grandma J says:

    Aunt Bethany sure knows how to entertain her niece in NYC! I think others may want to have her adopt their children as she is such a fun aunt! She does try to see her niece and nephew every 4 months which isn’t always easy with her schedule and theirs! Loved these pictures!

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