The day after Christmas…

At 4:30 am the day after Christmas, Zach, Robin and I loaded my van to head to the Birmingham airport. Robin and I boarded a plane that took us to Chicago, where we caught aother plane that was heading to CHINA! Those of you closest to me know that I have always dreamed of visiting China. So, not only was I getting to go to a country I had always longed to visit, I was getting to visit a friend who I think is absolutely incredible…IMG_6541

Not to mention,  8 straight days of girl time…I could not have been more excited!

I took SO many pictures while there! I was unable to take pictures my last 2 days because I filled up the card on my camera!! I went through all 363 pictures several times and deleted the ones I could part with…but I always refilled it within minutes!

When we arrived in Beijing, Laura and Rebecca met us at the airport. We were like middle school girls so giddy to see one another! We spent the first 3 days in Beijing. We ate delicious food, IMG_6202IMG_6207

visited some really incredible places,IMG_6128IMG_6159IMG_6194IMG_6155

We took this thing up to the great wall…


and look what we took down!


we did a little shopping,


(side note, this guy totally grabbed my butt after this picture! Not sure what that means….)

and spent a night out on the town.


Although Beijing was incredible, we could not wait to get our hands on some babies and step foot in Rebecca’s home! So, more China tomorrow! :)

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