Amazing Day

When we were in the adoption process, I starting following this awesome blog. The writer, Carrie, is amazing. When I first came across her blog, she and her husband were living in China and volunteering at New Day Foster Home. Through pictures and her beautiful words, I absolutely fell in love with this place and the children there. Zach and I began supporting New Day.  A little over a year ago, New Day sent out a publication about needing sponsors for a lot of their children. The child they featured in the publication was a little guy named Caleb. Of course his name roped me in and upon reading his story, my heart melted for him. I approached Zach about possibly sponsoring Caleb and he was excited about the idea! Each month we get an updated picture of Caleb along with updates on his development and interest. We even occasionally get artwork from him.

Once our flights were booked to China, I approached my friends about possibly visiting New Day – they were thrilled over the idea! So, on our last full day in Beijing, we headed outside the city to this really special place.

The road that took us to New Day felt so familiar to me.  I vaguely remember seeing a picture of the road on Carrie’s blog…or I questioned possibly remembering it from a dream.  Either way, my excitement built as we got closer and closer.IMG_6251

As we pulled into the drive, my heart was racing!IMG_6261

I have over 100 pictures from our short time there — I’ll try to narrow them down! :)IMG_6267IMG_6288IMG_6320IMG_6365IMG_6379IMG_6416IMG_6408IMG_6400IMG_6433

When Caleb and his foster mom arrived, he was a little unsure of me.


But, I came with gifts…so, he quickly started to like me (each time his monthly update came, I would make a mental note of everything he seemed to enjoy…cars, colors, balls).IMG_6370

With encouragement from his foster mom, he even gave me a kiss! IMG_6386Meeting this sweet little guy was such a blessing! IMG_6389Caleb was one of the many that I wanted to bring home with me…IMG_6417

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