Class with Rebecca

When we left Beijing, we flew to Luoyang to Maria’s Big House of Hope. Amazing. To see the big house in person was incredible. To be able to hold all those precious little ones…unexplainable.

A couple weeks after returning to the states, I spoke at our schools chapel about our time at Maria’s. I made a little video of pictures that I showed when I spoke and I will share that in a couple of days. First, I want to highlight some fun things we did while at Maria’s.

Rebecca is such a fantastic teacher! Before moving to China, Rebecca taught at the school my kids attend and was teacher of the year! She is not only loved by everyone there, but she is also completely adored. Even kids who never stepped into her classroom, melt with the mention of her name. She has such an ability to make everyone feel so valued. When I asked Izzie what she wanted me to bring her from China, her response was, “Miss McCoy.” That’s all she wanted.

While Rebecca is super missed, we all know she is right where she is supposed to be. Her happiness as Maria’s is so evident. Her students there absolutely adore her as well! Robin and I got to attend classes with Rebecca. Definitely one of the highlights of my trip!

Here are just a few adorable pictures from our time in her classroom :)IMG_6486IMG_6489IMG_6490IMG_6493IMG_6504IMG_6506IMG_6524IMG_6528IMG_6529IMG_6544IMG_6564IMG_6565

One of my favorite pictures from the week…IMG_6562

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One Response to Class with Rebecca

  1. Rebecca says:

    LOVE THIS Leanne,,,thank you so much for sharing!!! Love you!!

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